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Finding the right provider makes all the difference

Although mental health disorders are highly treatable, many people struggling with their mental health go a long time between developing symptoms and receiving appropriate treatment and support. Early intervention can make a big difference by saving a person and their loved ones from stress, preventing more serious symptoms, and reducing the likelihood of problems with work, family, school and substance misuse.

Our expert psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners help patients understand their symptoms and identify the best in-network treatment options for their unique health goals, whether that’s a referral for talk therapy, medication or a non-drug treatment like transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Your Behavioral Health is proud to represent an innovative, evidence-based psychiatry practice that’s on a mission to deliver life-changing mental health care to everyone who needs it. Our providers offer flexible scheduling and are waitlist-free, currently accepting new patients for online and in-person care. Plus, we offer a range of effective treatments that are covered by insurance to help patients feel better, faster, including medication, TMS therapy, and more.

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Is psychiatry right for you?

If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions, the benefits of psychiatry can be profound. Psychiatry may be your next step if you’re having thoughts, emotions or behaviors that are affecting your relationships, your work or your sense of well-being including:

Your Behavioral Health represents a diverse team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who offer innovative treatments and affordable, high-quality care, all in one place.

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