Mental Health Residential Treatment

Immersive care in a safe, home-like setting

Your Behavioral Health is proud to represent a primary mental health residential program that provides expert, immersive care in a safe and secure environment with 24-hour supervision. Our affordable, in-network program is mindfully designed for adult men and women to safely address the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral impacts of mental health disorders without the stressors of everyday life.

During residential treatment, dynamic, individualized care plans are tailored to each client’s unique needs and delivered with the highest level of confidentiality. Each client participates in structured programming and receives dedicated support from an integrated team of licensed and credentialed experts trained in a wide-range of evidence-based modalities.

Clients in our program benefit from an immersive community and comfortable accommodations blocks from the beach, to facilitate healing and total mind-body recovery. Clients also engage in a variety of experiential therapies and holistic care options including life skills groups, stress reduction seminars, mindfulness, sound healing, meditation and yoga.

Photo of a residential mental health facility in Los Angeles


Is residential right for you?

Our mental health residential program is the best level of care for those who are experiencing a mental health decline or crisis, stepping down from a hospital or acute setting for continued stabilization, or those needing a higher level of care after insufficiently improving with outpatient services. Signs may include:

Your Behavioral Health is proud to offer the full continuum of primary mental health treatment, so clients can gradually and successfully transition back to their day to day lives.

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