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There's more to mental health treatment than medication

For many years, the initial response to mental health treatment has been psychiatric medications and therapy. Although these conventional treatments can be effective, they don’t work for everyone. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-medication, outpatient treatment for depression that is FDA-approved and fully covered by most insurance plans.

TMS has been around since the 1980’s as a brain mapping technique. TMS was FDA-cleared for the treatment of depression in 2008, for migraine in 2013, for OCD in 2018 and for cigarette cessation in 2019. Research documents TMS to also be helpful for bipolar depression, anxiety and cognitive impairment. Currently, most insurance companies cover TMS for unipolar depression and some provide coverage for OCD treatment.

Unlike other treatments, TMS uses gentle magnetic pulses to treat mental health at the source. TMS can be used as a stand-alone treatment or along with existing medication. Plus, TMS is well-tolerated and has fewer side effects than other treatments, or in some cases, no side effects at all.

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Who is a candidate

Is TMS right for you?

If you’re experiencing lingering symptoms or unwanted side effects after one or more antidepressant trials, or if you want to supplement your current treatments, you might consider TMS. TMS may be your next step if you:

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