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When it comes to substance use and mental health recovery, research shows that long-term care is the most effective— and the exceptional outcomes of our aftercare and sober living providers highlight this. With hyper-specialized and age-specific programming, the Your Behavioral Health sober living network offers a variety of options that address individual needs for the best outcomes possible. As industry leaders, our structured aftercare programs not only teach residents how to remain substance free, but also address underlying mental health issues, foster life skills, and take a holistic approach for sustained well-being.

Aftercare is a crucial part of the recovery journey, often representing the difference between long-term recovery and repeated treatment attempts. While the initial treatment process is important, learning to apply life skills in an ongoing setting, remaining connected to a supportive community, and continuing to address underlying mental health issues are necessary pieces of the long-term recovery puzzle. For young adults specifically, developing, practicing and successfully applying life skills is an often missed component of lasting success.

YBH is proud to represent these pioneers of structured, age-specific sober living who have successfully helped young men recover from alcohol and drug abuse for over 35 years. Our aftercare program has one of the most robust, active alumni communities and support programs in the recovery world. Plus, our approach ensures young men can continue to develop their education while receiving care so they can get back on an academic or career-ready path.

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Is sober living right for my loved one?

Sober living provides accountability, peer support, and access to resources which can be life-changing for those with a history of substance use. Sober living may be the best fit for your loved one if they:

Since 1985, we’ve paved the way for young men to create successful lives and fulfilling futures with the help of our program structure, caring staff, loving community and decades of experience. Learn more about our nationally recognize program below.

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