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Engaging, multimodal residential drug rehab

When extra time, safety or space is needed for substance use recovery, our inpatient residential program is designed for adult men and women to achieve health and wellness with around-the-clock care in a private, comfortable, home-like setting. Residential rehab, also known as inpatient treatment, is an immersive therapeutic experience within the addiction treatment continuum. This level of care involves intensive, structured, and round-the-clock support in a supportive space so clients can heal without the distractions and triggers of the outside world. 

Our expert team strongly believes that long-term recovery is achievable when treatment holistically targets the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing. During inpatient residential treatment, clients participate in engaging multimodal group and individual therapy sessions to gain insight and heal from co-occurring conditions and the underlying causes of addiction. 

Clients in our residential program benefit from individualized care plans, an immersive community and comfortable accommodations blocks from the beach, to facilitate healing and total mind-body recovery. Clients also engage in a variety of experiential therapies and holistic care options including life skills groups, stress reduction seminars, mindfulness, sound healing, meditation and yoga.

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Is residential rehab right for me?

This level of care is typically recommended for individuals with more severe substance use disorders or those who have not found success with less intensive treatment options. Residential treatment is also ideal for individuals who have recently completed a medical detox (finished managing withdrawal symptoms) and are ready for therapeutic immersion. Inpatient treatment might be your next step if you:

Your Behavioral Health is proud to offer the full continuum of substance use treatment, so clients can gradually and successfully transition back to their day to day lives.

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