Teen Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program

Comprehensive PHP care proven to help teens and families

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) treatment for teen mental health is a specialized and intensive level of care that offers comprehensive therapeutic support to adolescents who are struggling with mental health challenges. PHP for teens provides a structured and nurturing environment where they can receive therapy five days per week, while still residing at home. PHP treatment focuses on addressing the unique needs and developmental challenges of teenagers, providing them with the necessary tools and coping strategies to navigate their mental health concerns effectively. 

The expert teen outpatient program in Your Behavioral Health’s portfolio combines clinical, medical, and experiential therapies, like art, music, mindfulness and writing to help teens heal from mental health disorders and unhealthy coping mechanisms, including trauma, depression, anxiety, and substance use. Our teen PHP program provides evidence-based care to help adolescents build self-worth and collaborative relationships while addressing the root cause of any behavioral health challenges.

A pillar of our teen program is family engagement. We understand family participation is key to sustainable healing. Throughout our teen program, we engage families in multi-family therapy groups, monthly family sessions, and the highest level of family communication. This holistic approach ensures clients and their families benefit from our supportive community and heal together alongside our expert care team.

Photo of a teen therapy group being conducted at a teen mental health PHP facilitiy


Is teen PHP right for my child?

Partial Hospitalization Program is best for adolescents who do not qualify for a residential level of care, but need more support than weekly therapy in order to fully address their mental health and thrive. It might also be your child’s next step if they’ve recently completed a higher level of care, such as inpatient or residential treatment, and are looking to step down while still receiving support and guidance. PHP may be the best fit for your child if they are experiencing:

Your Behavioral Healthcare is proud to offer the full continuum of primary mental health treatment, so clients can gradually and successfully transition back to their day to day lives.

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